Future Labs

Highway Product Testing Today so Drivers and Pedestrians Have a Safer Tomorrow.

Established in 1995, Future Labs, LLC provides independent laboratory certification of the quality of Highway Safety Products and raw materials. Results of ASTM, AASHTO, State DOT’s, ISO, EN and other International Specifications can be determined in as little as 24 hours

David Entrekin, the Owner and Technical Director, has over 25 years of experience testing and evaluating Highway Safety Products evaluating Highway Safety Products and over 33 years Researching, Testing, Developing and Producing Polymeric products.

Future Labs, LLC strives diligently to assure our customers have answers to their Product Quality questions. Working with industries, municipalities, and government agencies, we are committed to verifying that the product you purchase is the product you receive. Whether called product testing, Producing Polymeric products, road marking testing, road striping testing, or highway safety services, Future Labs, LLC will give you accurate results and fast turnaround.

New highway safety products are constantly being developed which have limited performance history. From evaluation of Retroreflectivity on Raised Pavement Markersto the Slip Resistance of Detectable Warning Systems, our job is to make sure that these products meet or exceed the highest safety standards.

As a mission to advance the Highway Safety Products industry, we work with ATSSA, AASHTO, ASTM and many state DOT to improve Safety Standards, Product Standards, and Testing Methodology. Additionally, we manufacture testing equipment for highway safety products.

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