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Future Labs, LLC

Product testing today, for a safer tomorrow!

Future Labs specializes in the testing of highway safety products, including: Road-marking Thermoplastics, Glass Beads Epoxies, Acrylics, Ureas, Preformed Thermoplastic, Reflective Tape and Pavement Markers.

ASTM Tests performed:

C 482    Bond Strength of Ceramic Tile to Cement
C 501    Abrasive Wear Index
C 1026  Freeze / Thaw Resistance
C 1028  Slip Resistance Dry or Wet
D 92     Flash Point
D 256    Izod Impact Strength
D 522    Flexability
D 562    Cons. / Stormer Viscosity
D 570    Water Absorption
D 638    Tensile Strength
D 695    Compression Strength
D 711    No Track / Drying Time
D 792    Specific Gravity / Density
D 903    Peel Strength
D 969    Bleeding Ratio
D 968    Abrasion Resistance of Coatings
D 1000   Pressure Sensative Tape Adhesion
D 1155   Roundness of Glass Spheres
D 1210   Fineness of Grind
D 1214   Sieve Analysis of Glass Spheres
D 1238   Melt Flow Rate
D 1475   Density
D 1640   Dry-Through (early washout)
D 1652   Epoxide Value
D 2074   Amine Value
D 2240   Hardness
D 2243   Freeze thaw stability
D 2369   Total Volatile & Solids
D 2486   Scrub Resistance
D 2697   Solids by Volume
D 2794   Impact Testing of Coatings
D 3723   Pigment by weight
D 3759   Tensile and Elongation
D 3960   Volatile Organic Content
D 4060   Abrasion Resistance
D 4061   Retroreflection, 30 m
D 4121   Dry Opacity
D 4280   Non-Snow Plowable RPM’s
D 4383   Snow Plowable RPM’s
D 4451   Pigment / Filler Content (ashing)
D 4505   Reflective Tape for Extended Life
D 4541   Pull-off Strength by Portable Adhesion Tester
D 4587   Fade (UV) Resistance
D 4592   Reflective Tape for Limited Life
D 4726   PVC Spec. Testing
D 4796   Bond Strength of Road Marking Thermoplastic
D 4960   Traffic Marking Evaluation
D 5381   Pigment Content by XRF
D 5420   Drop Weight Impact
D 6628   Color of Retroreflective Material
E 36       Softening Point
E 303     Skid Resistance using BPN
E 1349    Refectance Factor and Color
G 154     Accelerated Weathering (QUV)

AASHTO T-250 / M249 Road-Marking Thermoplastic Tests performed:

Alkyd Identification
Binder Content
Bond Strength
Cracking Resistance
Drying Time
Extended Flowability
Flash Point
Glass Bead Content
Impact Strength
Pigment Content
Softening Point
Yellowness Index

Epoxy / Amine Tests performed:

Amine Number
Adhesion to Concrete
Compressive Strength
Epoxide Number
Gel Time
Infrared Analysis
No Track / Drying Time
Pigment Content
Resin or Binder Content
Tensile Strength
Yellowness Index
QUV Testing

Detectable Warning Surfaces:

Abrasive Wear Index
Adhesion / Bond Strength (pull off)
Adhesion / Bond Strength (peel)
Fade (UV) Resistance (2000 hrs.)
Freeze / Thaw Resistance
Slip Resistance / Dry or Wet

Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals Content (EPA 3050 & 6010)
ASTM  F2617  Heavy Metals in Polymeric Materials
TCLP Heavy Metals (leaching test) (EPA 1311 & 6010) per CFR 261.24

AASHTO M-247 Glass Bead Tests performed:

Adhesion Promoting Coating
Chemical Resistance
Crush Resistance
Floatation ability
Flow Characteristics
Gradation Heavy
Metal Content
Moisture Resistance
Refractive Index

Water-Based Traffic Paint Tests performed:

Abrasion Resistance
Bleed Ratio
Color Consistency / Stormer Viscosity
Dry Opacity
Fineness of Grind
Infrared Analysis
Pigment by Weight
Solids % on Vehicle
TiO2 Content
Total Solids
Volatile Organic Content

Raised Pavement Marker Tests Performed ASTM D-4280:

Coefficient of Luminous Intensity
Compression Strength
Lens Impact Strength
Longitudinal Flexural Strength
Retroreflectivity after Abrasion
Temoerature Cycling

AASHTO T-237 Testing on Epoxy Resin Adhesive

Gel Time / Pot Life
Bond to ConcreteSlant Shear Dry or Wet
Tensile Adhesion

Federal Standard TT-B-1325D Characteristics for Glass Beads / Spheres

Index of Refraction
Specific Gravity
Resistance to H2SO4
Resistance to CaCl2
Resistance to NaSO3
Water Resistance

Federal Specification TT-P-1952E Paint, Traffic and Airfield Marking, Waterborne

Lead content
Chromium content
Condition in container
Accelerated package stability 2+ wk test
Water resistance
Freeze-thaw stability
Directional reflectance
Yellow color match
Heat-shear stability
Dry-through (early washout)
Abrasion resistance
Accelerated weathering (300 hours)
Scrub resistance(after 300 hrs)
Volatile organic content
Consistency (viscosity by K.U.)
Solids by volume
Dry opacity
Dry time (no pick up)
Fineness of dispersion
Bleeding ratio
Pigment (percent by weight)
Titanium dioxideOther tests that are recommended:
Resin verification by FTIR
Vehicle Solids % by Volume
Specific Gravity / Density / wt per gal.


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Product testing today, for a safer tomorrow!