Testing Devices for Sale


Future Labs offers Roundometers for the testing of glass beads for sale. Each Roundometer is machined to exacting specifications for years of roundness testing to any ASTM, State or Federal Specification. All Roundometers come with a digital protractor and a static gun. PRICE- $6500 US


Flowability Stands

Future Labs offers Flowability Stands for sale. These stands are used for the testing of flowability or extended Flowability of roadmarking thermoplastics. The stands come preset at a 45 degree angle. The height of the stand can be custom made to suit your needs. It is made out of light weight aluminum. PRICES $750 US 

Draw Down Bars

Future Labs offers Draw Down Bars for sale. These come in a 2 inch and a 4 inch width. The thickness of the draw down is adjustable and comes with a 0.0625 and 0.125 inch gauge to set the height. They are both made of light weight aluminum. PRICES- $250 US for 4 inch wide or 2 inch wide

Vacuum Plates

Future Labs offers Vacuum Plates for sale. These plates when connected to a vacuum are used to hold down Lenata cards or what ever you are using to draw down upon provided the material is flat. These plates can be custom made to to any size and are made from light weight aluminum. PRICES – $ 800 to 1500 US depending on size

For pricing or technical information, please contact our Technical Director David Entrekin – David@FutureLabsLLC.com

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